Star - Purple - small Oscar Wilde: “If I were still alive, I’d subscribe to GRACE NOTES.”  This is how great GRACE NOTES is.
~ Lissa Levin, Librettist/lyricist
Star - Purple - small  “I count on GRACE NOTES to keep me thoroughly up-to-date about everything that is happening in the world of the theatre. It’s an invaluable resource.”
~ Dana Ivey, Actress
Star - Purple - small  “GRACE NOTES is so important and very appreciated that Susan Grace takes the time to place so much for us to read and catch up on. It is one of the most valuable emails I get during the week. I could not be more appreciative of her work, and educated, too !!”
~ Bruce Robert Harris, Broadway and West End Producer
Star - Purple - small  “Since finding GRACE NOTES, I feel like I’m hooked in to everything happening in the theatre world, no matter where I am! I love the scope of this newsletter.”
~Lucie Arnaz, Actress
Star - Purple - small  “I look forward to GRACE NOTES every morning. It’s the quickest way to get theater news from across the country and I can’t imagine starting the day without it. #InTheKnow”
~ Seth Cotterman, Director of Marketing & Outreach, Dramatists Guild Fund
Star - Purple - small  “My favorite theatre newsletter. I read GRACE NOTES religiously.  Susan truly loves the theatre and covers everything in the Biz that traffic will allow. Plus, she likes me so she’s got really good taste.”
~ Jason Graae, Actor
Star - Purple - small  “I no longer feel like a dolt!  Because I read GRACE NOTES, I actually know what’s going on back East and beyond.”
~ Karen Morrow, Actress
Star - Purple - small  “It’s now become a morning custom to start my day with reading GRACE NOTES. Love knowing what is going on all over the place. And who is doing that show. And the reviews and links to all kinds of things. I have to pace myself on the weekends waiting for Monday’s email. It’s like one-stop shopping for ALL your theatre and music information in one place.”
~ Michael Orland, Musical Director/Vocal Coach and “American Idol” Pianist/Vocal Coach
Star - Purple - small “She puts you in the heart of the Theatre District and you’ll never feel out of the loop again.”
~ Duane Poole, Writer/Director
Star - Purple - small  “Every morning I look forward to GRACE NOTES gracing my email in box.  Two things I require in the morning — my coffee and this entre-nous newsletter!  You cannot say you’re in the theater loop without receiving this daily summation of what’s happening (present & future) — I don’t know how Susan Grace gathers, edits and then so accurately posts this information in such a timely fashion. She is astonishing.  And, frequently, GRACE NOTES gets its information first!!  GRACE NOTES is one stop shopping — it’s become my daily ‘bible’!!!”
Randie Levine-Miller, Producer/Special Events Director
Star - Purple - small  “GRACE NOTES is my drug of choice.  Yes, my daily fix gets my heart racing, but how could it not?  Immediate gratification, with quick hits of everything my hard-wired for theater brain desires – a comprehensive notification of all things theatrical; what’s opening and what’s closing, what’s developing, who’s being cast, who’s being honored, who’s left us, what’s getting a reading, what the critics think, everything Tony’s, what theater has announced their season, what’s happening in London, in cabaret, in regional theater, in Broadway grosses, attendance, and other statistics – I could go on.  And then there’s the fun of viewing videos that capture the theatrical world when words can’t – rehearsals, interviews, dialogues, parodies, I could again go on.  And if this wasn’t enough, fun and challenging theatre trivia quizzes that are catnip to us theatre aficionados.  If you’re a busy theatre professional as I am, and you want to be informed, inspired, and entertained in the time it takes you to microwave breakfast, this industry newsletter is vital.  However, I warn you – it’s habit-forming.  But even though I haven’t experienced an erection lasting more than 4 hours (other than a theatrical one), I assure you, it’s worth the risk.
~ Lissa Levin, Librettist/lyricist
Star - Purple - small I just renewed. And I wanted to say that I think it is worth every penny. I love your enewsletter, and I’m a huge fan of what you do for the theater community…you should receive a special Tony Award! In fact, I signed up for the “monthly” option just so you would receive a little more money from my ongoing subscription. We always feel like we have ‘arrived’ when we appear in your newsletter.
~ Darren Sextro, Artistic Associate, Kansas City Actors Theatre
Star - Purple - small  “Like a daily hug each morning…early…GRACE NOTES arrives and I catch up with a theatrical world much larger than my own.  THANKS!”
Brian J. L’Ecuyer, Stage Manager, Into the Woods national tour
Star - Purple - small  “I read GRACE NOTES every day. It provides comprehensive theater industry news in a clean, concise format that is easy to read on my phone and my computer.”
~ Jeremy Handelman, Producer, Off The Leash Productions
Star - Purple - small  “This is an awesome resource! There are so many industry news sites out there. You could spend an entire day scouring the web and newspapers to find out the daily details and updates: what’s coming to Broadway, how that new West End show is fairing, or even who’s staring in that regional theater production. It’s very important that stage actors keep up with trends in the industry, but who has that kind of time? GRACE NOTES sends me daily e-mails with all of the major industry highlights, and it even includes links to video interviews, newspaper articles, and anything else you could want. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already.”
~ Rachel F. Hirsch, Actors Embassy
Star - Purple - small  “I’ve been reading GRACE NOTES since it began – it was passed on to me from another theatre junkie, and fittingly, I have passed it on to many ever since.  I don’t start my day without reading GRACE NOTES. I feel a wonderful connection to so many in my life by reading it.  I repeat – thank you!!!!!”
~ Amy Lieberman, Casting Director, Amy Lieberman Casting
Star - Purple - small  “There are only 3 things you need to be a working theatre actor: talent, luck and GRACE NOTES.”
~ Eric Roth, Actor
Star - Purple - small  “I love GRACE NOTES because it keeps me connected to theatre. The newsletter not only keeps me up-to-date on what’s currently on Broadway, but what’s being workshopped all over the country and what’s happening across the pond in The West End.  I love all the videos, awards listings, CD release info, webisodes & performances I would absolutely miss out on if not for GRACE NOTES. It’s a theatre geek’s best resource.”
~ Shephard Summers, Writer
Star - Purple - small  “Susan Grace’s GRACE NOTES is the most complete collection of happenings in New York and Los Angeles I’ve ever seen.  Whether I’m looking to find out what’s happening in the world of theater, or looking for some specific shows to see, GRACE NOTES is my number one source — for news, announcements, videos, CDs and a fabulous overview of what’s happening in the theater community, particularly on both U.S. coasts, but also around the country — and the world.”
~ Adryan Russ, Lyricist/Composer
Star - Purple - small  “GRACE NOTES is a true destination site for all things theatrical, not only in New York but via its superb coverage of regional and West Coast productions. Thanks to GRACE NOTES, I’ve learned about wonderful small (and large) productions I wanted to see; CDs, videos and downloads that even my most theater-savvy friends didn’t  know about; personal appearances of performers and luminaries that I didn’t want to miss, and a lot of other interesting, fun stuff that brightens my day!”
~ Erica Levy Klein, Screenwriter, Librettist and Playwright, ThoughtLeadershipWriter.com
Star - Purple - small  “GRACE NOTES is a ‘must have’ for any theater professional or theater fan around the world. Susan Grace has compiled an amazingly comprehensive international guide to the current events that are happening in theater: Openings, awards for productions, reviews, buzz about what is next or replacements in productions and up-to-the-minute information about everything having to do with theater.  GRACE NOTES also provides wonderful insights and multiple opinions about various productions or issues within the theatrical community, also fun quizzes and invaluable information to cross-reference and use in scouting upcoming events in the industry, or you can use it in planning a theatre trip either locally, nationally or internationally.
~ Joshua Finkel, Actor, Director, Owner of Creative Combustion Acting Studio
Star - Purple - small  “GRACE NOTES informs me of what I should see in and around Los Angeles. It inspires me by capturing artists’ stories. And it reminds me how many good shows I’m missing in New York, Chicago and elsewhere. Because of Susan, I know I need more frequent flier miles.”
~ Steve Julian, director, and playwright of What Kind of God
Star - Purple - small  “As someone out in the midlands, GRACE NOTES is an invaluable resource to keep abreast of what is going on in theatre throughout the country. Daily, and in a fine condensed form, I can see what plays are being produced and what people are doing things I want to know about.  Often I click through to see more about the plays I’m particularly interested in and have ordered soundtracks and scripts I see featured.  I really can’t say enough what a boon this service has been for me. I love it!”
~ John Rensenhouse, President, Kansas City Actors Theatre
Star - Purple - small  “My day starts with GRACE NOTES, the fastest, most comprehensive compilation of local, national and international theater news I have encountered. It’s a treat to be able to check out what’s going on creatively and link directly to articles and interviews of interest later in the day, at break time, without having to go to individual news pages, first. GRACE NOTES is setting an industry standard and is certainly making itself indispensable to all facets of the theater community.”
~ Nance Crawford, Writer/Director
Star - Purple - small  “I look forward to GRACE NOTES every day.  It keeps me informed on the best of theatre and other entertainment news coast to coast, and saves me having to read and search countless newspapers and websites.  I’d be lost without it!” 
~ Mary Van Arsdel, Actress
Star - Purple - small  “What a distinct pleasure it is to greet each morning with a cup of coffee and the national theatre news of GRACE NOTES. And I’ve been doing just that for many years now – GRACE NOTES is my go-to site for everything theatrical, whether it be in Los Angeles, New York or across the country. It’s a truly priceless resource — both informative and entertaining. Thank you, Susan Grace, for all you do!”
~ Peter Van Norden, Actor
Star - Purple - small “GRACE NOTES is, and has been, my daily source for theatrical news, tidbits, videos and articles for quite a while now. It always ‘hits the treetops’ of what is happening in the business, and this is vital to a performer. In addition to that, the quotes and videos chosen are gems I like to share with fellow performers, writers and producers. This is not an easy project to pull together, but Susan does it with – yeah, I’ll say it – grace.
~ Amanda Abel, Actress
Star - Purple - small  “I don’t even know how I found your site, but I’m so glad I did.  As an actor in the business, I love getting the daily digest for all the opening, closings, and general tidbits of info not always found on the bigger websites.  A quick read, and I feel up to date with the ‘biz’.  I think all people in the industry should subscribe.”
~ Kevin David Thomas, Actor